Community healing through Heartful Healers Coalition is a project that brings together not just Healing Touch providers but also other healers who provide psychotherapy and an array of powerfulcomplimentary healing modalities. In order to make this service accessible to all there is no cost attached. At times there may be an optional donation 'as able' ask to benefit certain charities and non-profits.

Information about current and future events will be posted on this website.


The shooting of an unarmed Black man has yet again retraumatized communities of color. There is a lot of hurt and anger. Heartful Healers Coalition wishes to do its part in providing healing through energy work and mental health counseling. Communities of color are a priority here. If you or anyone else you know are open to, and feel would benefit from this work please complete the form below. Someone will respond in 24 to 48 hours. 

Disclaimer: Energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic most healers will work remotely. The efficacy of energy work is not diminished and is not dependent on in person presence.    Since this service is dependent on volunteers,  demand and supply will affect provision. Any psychotherapy service offered is short-term for stabilization and support,  unless the therapist decides otherwise. 

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Informed Consent Mental Health Counseling: • The purpose of counseling is to provide a safe space for BIPOC folks to process what they are experiencing in their minds-bodies-spirt with preferably another therapist of color. The counseling is intended to be short term for support and stabilization. The decision to continue with a therapist long term is something that you and the therapist can decide. Young people ages 15 to 18 can be seen without parental consent. • Client choice: You may refuse to give any information you do not feel comfortable revealing. You may remain anonymous; however it is helpful for us to use a name to identify your record. Please consider making up a first and last name, and use that name if you return. • Fee: There is no fee associated with this service • Limits to confidentiality: While all information discussed in session is confidential, the therapist is legally bound to report (a) If you are of immediate danger to yourself or others, (b) If you are endangering a population that cannot protect itself, such as the case of child or elder abuse. • HIPAA: The law dictates protection of health information. The counselors will not be saving information that identifies a client and any detailed information about a sessions. All communication will be online through a HIPAA compliant platform or via phone. Online sessions will not be recorded. • Telehealth: Be aware that there are risks to using technology, including unauthorized access and technical difficulties. You agree to not record sessions. In case of technology lapse, the therapist will make reasonable efforts to reestablishing communication as soon as possible in a safe and secure way. • Email non-confidential: You understand that e-mail communication is not secure and in choosing to use e-mail as a mode of communication you acknowledge this risk. Energy work: Energy medicine modalities are complementary therapies not intended to replace any currently prescribed medical treatment as ordered by your physician nor, any other medical care you have been advised to seek. The energy medicine provider well neither diagnosed nor prescribe for any condition that you may have, nor do they make any specific claims regarding results from the modality received. All sessions will be conducted in a confidential manner. Your experiences during the sessions are confidential subject to the usual exceptions governed by state or federal laws and regulations.